Sheshti Johansson


Sheshti was introduced to the violin and traditional Swedish folkmusic in early ages and have since then had a close relationship to this music. She is one of the few who has a firm hand in the tradition of Närke (her home province), and was only at the age of 19 when she received the honourable title as National master musician.

Sheshti has studied at the Music Conservatory of Falun and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Swedish Folk Music from the Swedish Royal College of Music. She is freelancing as musician, composer and theatre-musician. She gives concerts as solist and with the bands och duos presented closer in this homepage. She also holds workshops and lectures.

Sheshti has produced two critically acclaimed CDs with the folk music band Triller: 'Gryning' (Dawn), and 'Ryttaren' (the Rider). Together with the electric guitar player Jonas Isaksson she also recorded the CD 'Julie', containing only her own compositions. Sheshti have been touring in Europe and Scandinavia with her bands and has a wide experience of performing many kinds of music. Her repertoire spans over folk music from Sweden, Norway, Finland, America, British islands and Eastern Europe, western classical and baroque music, Indian and Arabic classical music as well and modern pop. She have also participated in exciting music-crossover projects, e.g. with Ukrainian musicians with tours in Ukraine, as well as with the Swedish Army Band.